Golfing for the first time is an exciting experience! After watching professional golfers like Tiger Woods or Rory McIlroy during the PGA Tour on TV, it’s hard to imagine that these legends were beginners. They had to start somewhere while renting golf clubs and learning putting techniques. We know that having the proper golf bag essential items can make a world of difference when you are learning to golf. For those who need to rent golf clubs while staying with us, we like to ensure our golfing guests start off on the right foot. 

Golf Bag Essential Items

First time and seasoned golfers should always have the golf bag essential items on hand when on the greens. A well stocked golf bag is a direct result of preparation but even the most seasoned golfers can fall victim to oversight. We’ve put a list of essentials you should always have when renting golf clubs or bringing your own: 

  • The basics – There’s no getting around having these essentials in your golf club rental. You should always have golf clubs, tees, shoes, and balls. Some golf courses require golf shoes while others may not. Being prepared is better than not participating in a round of golf with a boss because you didn’t bring golf shoes. If you’re lucky, you may be able to purchase golf shoes at the last minute at the course golf shop. Since you’ll be walking for a good portion of the day, you want them to be as comfortable as possible. 

Your set of golf clubs should consist of a driver, a putter, several irons, two or three woods, and a pitching or sand wedge. According to established golfing rules, you are only permitted to carry a total of 14 clubs. Once you’ve become comfortable with the game, you’ll want to include specialty wedges and hybrid clubs. Each club is used for a different aspect of your golf game: 

  • Woods – These clubs are recommended for first time golfers and high handicapped players, with a preference for 5 – , 7 – and 9 – wood. Experienced players tend to gravitate toward 3 – and 5 – wood. 
  • Irons – You’ll find the basic golf club set always comes with 3 – to 9 – iron, with many golfers carrying a wedge. Seasoned players will carry specialty irons like a gap wedge or pitching wedge for better accuracy. 

Golf balls come in a large variety with different functionality. Some brands are used to improve accuracy or drive distance. First time golfers should have a couple boxes of golf balls on hand. 

The golf bag you purchase should be durable enough to last a long time. There are many options to choose from, including purchasing a golf bag that includes a new set of golf clubs. This is an ideal and cost effective way to start your golf game as a newcomer. 

  • Necessary accessories – The necessary accessories for beginning golfers whether your using a golf club rental or your own should include tees, head covers, a divot tool, and a golf glove. For maximum preparation, you want to stock your golf back with a tee box using a variety of lengths and materials. Weather and course conditions can change from course to course so having the proper tees on hand will make for a more enjoyable golfing experience. 

As for the remaining accessories, golf gloves should fit properly and worn appropriately. For example, right handed golfers should purchase a golf glove for their left hand and vice versa. To fix ball marks on the greens, a divot repair tool is necessary and an essential part of good golfing etiquette. Including head covers to your golf bag will help protect your clubs over the long run. 

  • Nice to have – While including these items may not make or break your golf game, they are great to have on hand for a better golfing experience. Some items you’ll want to keep with you are bug spray, sunscreen, a water bottle, a couple towels, first aid kit, an umbrella, and ball markers or coins. If you’re coming to Arizona and are renting golf clubs, we recommend bringing all of these items! Golf Equipment on Wooden Table

How Much Do Golf Clubs Cost

The cost of golf clubs can vary depending on the materials, brand, and selection. Most brand new golf clubs sets range between $200 and $500 for an average set. If you want to go fancy for your first golf outing, you may shell out close to $1000. Some single irons will cost $800 so it’s a good idea to purchase a set to get the most value for your money. As you become more advanced, customizing your golf clubs will have a significant impact on your golf game. This will drive up the cost of your golf clubs but you will see a difference in your performance. 

Should You Rent Golf Clubs?

When considering your options, renting golf clubs should be included. It’s likely that you will be golfing when you travel for work or pleasure and it can be a hassle to bring a heavy golf set with you, especially as a novice. There are a few pros and cons to consider: 

  • Pros – Renting golf clubs means one less bag to worry about. This is especially true if you are flying and have other bags to check in. It is less cumbersome, time consuming, and costly. In fact, when you rent golf clubs, you spend between $50 to 80$ depending on the course. This is a great option if you’re worried about how much do golf clubs cost. 
  • Cons – You’ll have to readjust to a new set of clubs wherever you go. This may not be such a big deal when you are still learning the game of golf. 

When you travel with your own golf clubs there are pros and cons as well: 

  • Pros – Bringing your own clubs will allow you to continue learning wherever you go without having to make adjustments. The muscle memory that you’ve developed in practice will be easily transferred as you play at another course. 
  • Cons – Again, you’ll have to manage the packing and shipment of your golf clubs every time you travel. This may be an inconvenience or simply a personal preference, depending on your perspective. 

Golf Clubs Drivers Over Green Field Background

We Have Golf Club Rental Availability

How much do golf clubs cost to rent? It all depends on how many days you want to rent golf clubs and the brands you prefer. Our pricing starts at just $20 a day for 5 days or more. To rent golf clubs for fewer days, the pricing starts at $40 with price adjustments for groups. The biggest advantage of renting golf clubs with us is that you can use the same set everyday!

We offer the most value for your money with luxurious accommodations and unlimited Stay and Play packages in Arizona. This means that you have the chance to enjoy full size gourmet kitchens, in unit washers and dryers, hotel pillow top beds, and premium amenities like whirlpool spas, fitness centers, and heated swimming pools while playing on championship golf courses  like TPC Stadium. 

We currently offer Ping and TaylorMade golf rentals with different specifications for women and men. When you call to make your reservations, we can add the clubs to your package. When you leave, you can simply leave them in your condo and we will come pick them up. 

Check our website for additional pricing information and give us a call to make your reservation today!