What better way to spend some quality family time during hot summer weather than by enjoying the relaxing and cooling dip in aquatic parks? If you’re looking for a fun family activity this summer season, you definitely can’t go wrong with the many water parks in Arizona. The Grand Canyon state won’t leave you disappointed with its selection of the finest aquatic parks to make your valuable family time even more special and memorable. That said, we have prepared a list of the best water parks in Arizona to choose from.

Water Parks in Scottsdale

Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge in Scottsdale seems to be the ideal first stop for all your water park needs. While both the kids and adults will enjoy the towering water slides, we’re certain that many parents will find the indoor water activity and hot tubs a true refreshment after the wild rides. To improve the overall experience, Great Wolf Lodge also features a lazy river and splash pool, together with some other attractions for the whole family to enjoy. When paired with some of the best family resorts Scottsdale has to offer, every family member is bound to have great fun.

Monsoon Park

On a completely different note, you and your loved ones may enjoy a surfing family activity the most. If you’re all sports enthusiasts and adrenaline seekers, you definitely have to try surfing at Monsoon Park. There’s no time to feel bored with 100 waves to ride every hour. The wave park is 11-acre large and can hold up to 100 surfers. Of course, the wave park might be the main attraction, but there are other activities to enjoy, such as hiking, ping pong, volleyball, and more.

The Hyatt Regency Resort and Spa at Gainey Ranch

Among the aquatic parks in Scottsdale, the Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort definitely offers the most luxurious experience. There are 45 waterfalls and 20 fountains within the resort, while the sandy beach and ten different pools complete the lux vibe of the place. A water playground surrounds the entirety of the resort. The youngsters will enjoy the water slide, while those appreciative of a nice view will be happy to look at the mesmerizing McDowell Mountains.

Water Parks in Phoenix

Happy Family in Swimming Pool at Water Park

Oasis Water Park

Voted as one of Arizona’s ten best water parks, the Oasis Water Park is truly a marvel of Phoenix family time. It features amazing eight-story slides, a hot tub that can fit 35 people, a huge wave pool, a side-by-side active river, and a kiddie pool for the youngest guests. The water park provides many more options for a family activity, from dining to spa time, so that the relaxation never stops.

Hurricane Harbor

Hurricane Harbor, or Wet N’ Wild Phoenix, is another one among the exciting water parks in Arizona that will make the entire family happy. Whether you’re planning a vacation with smaller children or teenagers, the thrill and excitement of Hurricane Harbor won’t disappoint. It’s precisely the wide range of age-appropriate attractions that make this water park so popular among families.

River Ranch Water Park

Part of the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort, the River Ranch Water Park has plenty of pools to swim and play in, together with a relaxing cabana area and a lazy river. The breathtaking views of the Phoenix Mountain Preserve make for an even more enjoyable experience. And if adults wish to have some time for themselves after all the water fun, they’ll be happy to know that the resort features a Coyote Camp for kids between the ages of four and 12, for sessions in the evening, half, or a whole day!

The Splash Zone at Enchanted Island

An Enchanted Island is already a wonderful place for the kids, and the Splash Zone in this amusement park makes the fun all the more thrilling. Dumping buckets, water mushrooms, and flower showers make for a truly magical experience. It’s created with younger children in mind, so if you’re looking for the best water parks in Arizona that are ideal for the youngest guests, the Splash Zone should definitely be on your radar.

Water Parks in Chandler

Desert Oasis Aquatic Center

If you’re on the lookout for some budget-friendly water parks in Arizona, make it a point to check out the Desert Oasis Aquatic Center in Chandler. It’s still an amazing place to relax, enjoy the thrills, and even learn how to swim. The zero-depth play area and the drop slide are the most popular attractions, but the volleyball court and raindrop and spray whale are up there, too. Of course, the 112-foot water slide and a big pool make for a true highlight in this water park.  

Hamilton Aquatic Center

Another budget-friendly option for water park fun involves the Hamilton Aquatic Center, featuring a range of options for interactive playtime. There are two water slides, a big pool, a current river, and a water vortex. Simply seek out a shady area to escape the heat for a while and then resume all the fun.

Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center

Even though it’s an all-outdoor playground, the Mesquite Groves Aquatic Center has plenty of shady spots with lounging areas and a 752 “Big Blue Bucket” when you need to cool off and seek some shelter from the sun. And when you all wish to engage in some water activities, you’ll have plenty of options among the competition and family pools, two big water slides and a kid-friendly water slide, a water vortex, a lazy river, and more.

Water Parks in Tempe

Happy Family at Water Park

Kiwanis Wave Pool

If you’d like to experience the thrill and excitement of riding the wave, but you’d still like the convenience of sun protection with an indoor water park, you should definitely check out the Kiwanis Wave Pool in Tempe. It features a 122-foot double spiral water slide together with three-foot waves coming out in eight different patterns. You can also rent out a raft and tube if you so desire.

Big Surf Water Park

Known as the original wave pool in the US, the Big Surf Water Park promises a true delight for a whole family. Even if you have no idea how to surf, this is the best place to learn it. There are plenty of water slides to pick from and a kiddie pool for the youngsters to complete the experience. Of course, you can direct your attention to boogie boards and rafts, or if you’re a family of daredevils, potentially check out the Black Hole tube ride.

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