Regardless of your current golf level, certain golf exercises can improve your game by making your swing more powerful and accurate or providing you with more flexibility and stamina. In order to make the most out of exercises to improve your golf game, you don’t have to go to the gym every day or constantly lift weights. While weightlifting has its purpose, the best workouts for golfers involve resistance training. You’re always welcome to discuss exercises for golf with professionals at Meridian Condo Resorts, but we have also prepared a list of effective golf strength exercises you can do at your own home.

Bear Hip Rotation

Bear hip rotation is one of the best golf exercises to improve hip mobility. Namely, golf requires a lot of rotational movement that involves the player’s thoracic spine and hips. If the mobility in these areas is lacking, the swing’s strength and accuracy will match that.

To do this exercise, you have to sit in the so-called “bear sit position.” Essentially, sit on the floor (use a yoga mat), lean back slightly, and position your arms straight with hands on the floor for support. Elevate your hips so that you’re actually sitting more on the curve between your lower back and gluteus. Keep your torso upright.

To proceed, bend your knees and ensure that your feet’ heels are touching the floor. Keep the legs slightly further apart than the length of your shoulders. This is where you’ll start rotating your hips in order to touch the knees together without actually moving your heels. Go back and forth slowly – hip rotating and knees touching, to the original position.

This exercise is meant to improve your hip mobility, so you should feel the motion in your hips. You won’t get the desired benefit if you feel it in the knees.

Half Kneeling Rotation with Side Bend

Golf Ball on Green Grass Ready to Be Struck on Golf Course Background

Another one of the great mobility exercises to improve golf game focuses on your thoracic spine. It’s crucial to strengthen this part of your body to improve your overall position when playing golf.

Begin by assuming a half-kneeling position, arms raised with hands behind your head – entwine your fingers behind your head if you find that helpful.

Rotate as far as possible to one side and bend to the side in that position. Once you bend to the side, take a deep breath, and then try to rotate your body even further. This process should be repeated three times on both sides.

Make sure to keep your torso straight and avoid making the mistake of hunching. Doing so won’t have the same effect on the flexibility of your spine.

Goblet Squat

Golf strength exercises are not only focused on training your muscles but the strength of your lower back as well. For this particular exercise, you will also need some weight to hold to achieve the optimal level of resistance.

To start the exercise, take a weight in the goblet position, hold it on the side, grasp the actual weight plate instead of a handle up to your chin, and assume a standing squat-ready position. Make sure that your feet are firmly on the floor.

Once you’re in the right position, do a squat by slowly squatting down but driving up with intent. During these movements, it’s prerogative to keep the torso upright and the heels of your feet flat on the floor without raising them. It’s natural to have the knees track out a bit so that your hips can move properly.

Of course, if you don’t own a weight or you simply feel that you’re not at the required fitness level for using a weight at all, you can still make this one of the best workouts for golfers simply by using your own weight as resistance.

Elevated Push-Up

Strong Young Woman Doing Push UPS on Steps Outdoor

One of the best golf strength exercises for the upper body is the elevated push-up. Push-ups are fairly well-known in general workouts, and chances are you have done them before as well. However, the elevated push-up, in particular, works wonders, especially when it comes to senior-friendly golf exercises.

For starters, you won’t be doing the push-ups on the ground, but you’ll have to find something suitable to elevate your upper body. This can be a bench, an armchair that you’re certain won’t move, or even a set of stairs.

Assume a push-up position with your hands on the elevated surface. Keep your back straight and your core tight.

Lower down slowly but use a little more intent when you press up. Keep your elbows at about 45 degrees as you move your body and stabilize your shoulders.

To make the most out of this exercise, you shouldn’t lift your gluteus too high or lower your stomach too much – the goal is to have your body completely straight in one line.

Squat Jumps

Best workouts for golfers help you increase your speed and power. This is why squat jumps are considered a must among exercises to improve golf game. While these may prove to be challenging at first, keep in mind that there’s no reason to push yourself too much; even starting with just five repeats will make a considerable difference before you can add to that.

Assume a squat-ready standing position and then quickly jump up and drop down to a quarter squat position with as much speed and force as you can generate. To up your speed, keep your hands straight next to you and lift them up and down to gain the necessary momentum for this exercise.

To get the most out of these exercises for golf, you should aim to jump as high as you can but not squat too low. The landing position of the legs shouldn’t be too straight either; as mentioned, the quarter squat position is key for this workout.

Of course, if you’re worried about your age and the flexibility of your joints, you don’t actually have to jump; instead, you can simply go up and down as fast as you can without letting your feet leave the ground. It’s all about making the exercises for golf work for you, and not the other way around.

Aside from having a regular workout routine that will improve your health and fitness with your golf game, the best thing you can do to boost your skill is simply playing golf. If you’re interested in desert-style golf, you can take your pick among the spectacular golf courses in Scottsdale, Arizona. There are plenty to choose from that will match your level, play style, as well as your budget. That said, you can’t go wrong with Unlimited Golf Stay and Play packages that we at Meridian Condo Resorts offer, especially if you want to save some money while enjoying the top golfing experience.