With so many options for vacation accommodations, it can be confusing choosing between an Airbnb in Arizona or traditional rental properties. Cost savings is always a priority and proximity to entertainment and amenities are just as important. Although an available Airbnb in Arizona may seem like the best option, our stay-and-play golf packages are better. When you book a stay and play golf Arizona accommodation, you’re getting more value for your money than an Airbnb could ever offer. We’ll explain why our golf packages offer more than an Arizona Airbnb and where to start to book your stay!

Arizona Airbnb or Luxury Condo

The popularity of Airbnb has skyrocketed! It’s convenient and you can find something in your price range if you book far enough in advance. You have options to book a room in someone’s home, the entire house, campsites, and even RVs on someone’s property! Although an available Airbnb in Arizona can present unique accommodation opportunities, they are individually owned. This means that cleaning standards, amenities, privacy, and proximity to activities will vary widely. You may find a house with a pool or spa, but you’ll have to ask the owner of the home if it’s available for use. You won’t find an Airbnb in Arizona on golf course property with free access. 

Meridian CondoResorts has been creating perfect luxury experiences for vacationers and long-term guests for over 25 years. Our luxurious condominiums come with a suite of amenities that you won’t find in an Arizona Airbnb. Here’s why Meridian CondoResorts is the best: 

  • Discounts – Will you need a rental car to get around when you arrive? Among the many discounts available, we provide special rates on rental cars with extra time to return the vehicle. 
  • Availability – We have condos throughout Scottsdale! If you’re not happy with the location, we can offer to move you to another location at no extra charge. Whenever you book with us, we will always have a condo available. Unlike an available Airbnb in Arizona, you can book your luxury condo without worrying about double bookings or other problems.  
  • Cleanliness – Our cleanliness standards are always maintained at the highest level. Since we have our own cleaning staff, they are a phone call away. 
  • 24-hour concierge – We have seasoned and knowledgeable staff on hand to help coordinate your trip. If you’ve booked one of our unlimited stay and play golf packages, your concierge services can help with choosing the appropriate golf course for your skill level and convenience.

Luxury Resort in Scottsdale

Our Stay and Play Golf Packages

Are you an avid golfer? You may find an Airbnb in Arizona on golf course property, but it won’t come with unlimited golfing with access to the best golf courses in Arizona. When you stay with us, you’ll have access to: 

  • Free rounds of golf – With unlimited stay and play golf packages, you only pay for the first round of golf! The second and third rounds of golf are free based on availability. Imagine finishing your first round of golf and heading back out for another round without any additional charge! 
  • Group packages – Are you bringing friends, colleagues, or family that loves to golf? We have special pricing for group stay and play golf packages. In the offseason, you can take advantage of deeply discounted rates. When four people stay in a two-bedroom or six people stay in a three-bedroom condo, the cost of a luxury condo and unlimited golf is often under $100! An Airbnb golf course Arizona location can’t provide this kind of value!

The Best Stay and Play Golf Arizona Location

An Airbnb in Arizona is no match for our luxurious condos, amenities, and unlimited golf. With access to TPC Stadium and other premium golf courses, you’ll want to stay longer! We can accommodate last-minute requests and additional days if necessary. 

Give us a call today to book your luxury condo!