Remote work is still on the rise but that doesn’t mean that relocating for work is no longer an option. With more people looking for work, it’s safe to say that relocation may be on the table for many individuals needing to make a change. If you’re one of these people, you might have considered how to make the drastic transition and where you’d live once you arrived. When a job offer is on the table that is outside of where you currently live, a company will usually provide apartment and corporate relocation services to help you get settled. More often, they will provide relocation temporary housing for a specified period of time until you’ve secured a permanent residence. 

What is Relocation Housing? 

Relocation housing, also known as corporate housing, is a fully furnished temporary housing option provided by a company to help ease the transition to a new residence in a new location. 

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It is fully equipped with everything you’ll need to live for an extended period of time. Just pack your bags and go! There are a number of benefits to living in corporate housing, including: 

  • Comfort – Rather than staying at a hotel and living out of a suitcase, relocation temporary housing provides all the comforts of home, including full-sized kitchens. Instead of eating out every day, you can cook from the comfort of your own home away from home. Typically, these units come equipped with a full-sized washer, dryer, dishes, flat-screen TVs, and cleaning services. If you are given the option of luxury corporate housing, you’ll get even more amenities that may include pool, spa, clubhouse, and fitness facility access. 
  • Convenience – All utilities are on and fully functioning when you arrive, while your costs are usually covered by the company. You can say goodbye to the stress of dealing with a landlord or moving furniture. There won’t be a wait time for the cable guy to set up the cable box. Simply arrive with keys in hand and dive into your new job without the hassles of the logistics of moving. 
  • No commitment – Since it is a temporary stay, you won’t have to worry about making any long term commitments. The flexibility of staying in corporate housing allows you to make moves on the last-minute basis that will adapt to your lifestyle. Whether you stay for a few months or a few days, you don’t have to be concerned about breaking a lease or contacting utility companies to make changes. 

How to Prepare for Luxury Corporate Housing

If this is your first time using apartment and corporate relocation services, you’ll want to do a little preparation. Like any major life change, you’ll still need to make minor adjustments to prepare for relocation temporary housing. Since you’ll be moving into a fully furnished and equipped apartment, it’s important to remember that less is more. Before making the move, use the time to purge unnecessary items you don’t want to bring with you or place in storage. Whatever is not included in the storage, donate, or sell lists should be considered trash. This will help you eliminate clutter before you relocate and take inventory of the things you really need as you transition into your new life. While you’re separating the things you’ve chosen to keep, making a list of items you’d like to ship in advance to help you settle in is a good idea. Depending on how long your stay is, you may need to plan in advance to have items that make you feel more at home. 

Types of Luxury Corporate Housing Available

When the time comes to explore options, there are a few types of corporate housing available. Both have all-inclusive costs covered by the company sponsoring your trip but are used for different work purposes. Also, these options provide different amenities and comfort levels: 

  • Extended stays: You may already be familiar with extended stays, but this corporate housing option works well for a group of people who are working on a temporary business project together. It is often utilized by construction companies, traveling nurses, or corporate leaders working out of town for a few days. They provide enough comfort for a few weeks and often have a full-size refrigerator in the unit with washer and dryers on-site. Most amenities are included in the rate but can resemble an expanded hotel room. 

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  • Long or short term rentals: This option often resembles an apartment or condo with separate spaces for the living room, dining areas, and plenty of space to work. Luxury corporate housing typically includes a full-size kitchen, washer and dryer in the unit, and bath towels. It is completely equipped with everything you’ll need to live comfortably like the home you are relocating from. These are excellent options for long term contract work and job relocation. Living in these temporary units will not feel like a temporary stay!

What We Offer in Corporate Housing Scottsdale AZ

We’ve been in the business of coordinating travel arrangements for our guests for over 25 years. It’s safe to say that we are pretty good at what we do and offer corporate housing options for those who are in transition or on-site for contract work. We also have excellent rates for groups looking for short term or long term rentals. Our luxury condos provide the ultimate comfort for the best value for all of corporate housing Scottsdale AZ! Here’s what we have to offer: 

  • Luxury accommodations: Our luxury condos are second to none! From full-sized gourmet kitchens with ovens and refrigerators to full-sized washers and dryers with detergent provided, you won’t want to leave. We provide 65 inch flat-screen TVs in the living room and private balconies to relax. No need to buy paper plates or utensils because we provide a fully stocked kitchen with everything you need, including a microwave and dishwasher. Bake a casserole or cookies on your days off. The choice is yours and the options are endless when you stay with us! 
  • Amenities: We provide superior comfort during your transition with whirlpool spas, heated swimming pools, fitness centers, and a clubhouse for entertaining a private party at your leisure. In Scottsdale, it’s always sunny so you’ll want to take advantage of our gazebos and outdoor BBQs that can be used year-round! 
  • Guest Services: Someone is always available 24 / 7 to answer any questions you have or fill any special requests you make. When you need to make a dinner reservation for an important client meeting or secure tickets to a baseball game, we have you covered. Before you arrive, you can have a fully stocked refrigerator or other requested items that will get you settled in quickly. When you need a car rental, let us know and we can secure transportation at a discounted rate!
  • Stay and Play Packages:  Our famous stay and play packages provide the best value this side of the United States and an excellent choice for entertaining clients during your stay. Impress your new colleagues with your golf game at TPC Stadium or treat your new boss to rolling landscapes of Sedona. You can thank us later!

Unlike most corporate stays that require a 30-day minimum, we do not. We provide maximum flexibility for those who need to extend their stay at the last minute along with flexible payment plans. Housekeeping services are included and utility costs are part of the price quoted. For those with pets, we have pet-friendly accommodations with enhanced cleaning services options. 

Let us help you settle into Scottsdale and give us a call today to reserve your luxury corporate housing stay!