Golfers can pick from a wide variety of golf clubs. The loft of these clubs varies to help you launch the ball to different heights, allowing you to hit the ball at different distances.

A basic set of golf clubs includes a wide variety of them, allowing the golfer to tackle each shot confidently. The lower the number on a club, the further the ball will travel when struck.

If you’re planning a golfing vacation where you’ll be renting golf clubs, you must also understand the basics of golf clubs. Keep reading to learn what golf clubs are as well as the different types of golf clubs. 

What Are Golf Clubs?

Clubs are tools used for playing golf, and as such, they typically consist of a long shaft, a grip, and a club head. Basically, golfers use a golf club to strike the golf ball. The loft angle of a club aids in controlling the flight path of the golf ball upon impact.

There are six different types of golf clubs, namely drivers and fairway woods (both often referred to as just woods), hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. Golfers can carry up to 14 different clubs, each having a specific function.

It is better to underspend than splurge on a set of golf clubs, especially for a rookie. The equipment you use in the game is entirely upgradable as your skills increase and you become more proficient. The more you play golf, the more likely you qualify for golf insurance.

Golf Clubs Explained

Golf Club in Bag on Grass

There is a wide variety of golf clubs to choose from. Your handicap and golfing prowess should determine your choice of clubs. Now that you know what golf clubs are let’s discuss their types. 


Teeing off on par 4s and par 5s requires a driver (also known as a big dog, or 1-wood). Typically, you tee your driver up high and make a powerful swing. In terms of length and potential distance, it is the longest club you carry in the golfing bag.

Golfers tend to ignore the driver shaft way too often, which can be a costly mistake. But, when we talk about the basics of golf clubs, the shaft is essential in determining the success of a driver club. There are several shaft alternatives to choose from while shopping for a driver, including regular, stiff, ladies, and senior. Choose a shaft that can handle your swing speed and power.

If you’re starting out in golf, one of the essentials you should get is a driver. Purchase your driver from a reputable golf equipment manufacturer (PING, TaylorMade, Callaway, etc.).

It’s okay to shell out for the most recent driver model; you may save a ton of money by purchasing one that came out a few years ago (whether it’s new or secondhand).

Fairway Woods

To put it simply, fairway wood is a mini-driver used for long approach shots to the green. 3-woods have a loft between 15 and 17 degrees and are the most popular fairway woods, but there are also 4-, 5-, and 7-woods. 

We advise starting your basic set of golf clubs with just one fairway wood, either a 3-wood or 4-wood. While there is no immediate need to purchase a second fairway wood, you may come to want one as your golfing experience grows.


Approach shots and par 3s are where your irons really shine. With an iron, you should aim to make contact with the ground. There are typically seven to nine irons in a set, ranging from a 4-iron to a pitching wedge. Different clubs can carry the ball further because they have different lofts. 

Buying a new irons set can be expensive, so it’s essential to do your homework and find a set made with newbies in mind. If you are a golfing rookie, you probably don’t need a complete set of 7-9 irons; instead, get yourself a basic set of golf clubs (5-, 7-, and 9-iron, and a wedge). 


If you’re starting out, it might be a good idea to get a set with “hybrids” instead of traditional long irons. Hybrid clubs are the newest addition to the golfing world. They are a hybrid of a wood and an iron and are easier to hit for a beginner golfer than a standard 4 or 5 iron.

A hybrid’s number indicates the iron it replaces, e.g., 2-hybrid, 3-hybrid, etc.


Wedges are utilized for shots that are pretty short but relatively high; any shot from a dangerous position, such as a sand bunker or close to the green. As types of golf clubs go, wide varieties of wedges exist, including:

  • Pitching wedge: this club, when used in full swing, will help you hit the ball higher and over obstacles like trees and bushes. If the golf ball is resting in the sand, you can use it there, too.
  • Sand wedge: having a sand wedge in your bag is vital since it’s the only club that can help you get the ball out of a sand bunker. This club is versatile, as it may be used in the rough and even in the mud.
  • Gap wedge: as the name implies, the gap wedge is used to bridge the gap between pitching and sand wedges. Therefore, a shot hit with a gap wedge is longer than a sand wedge but shorter than a pitching wedge.
  • Lob wedge: the L-shaped lob wedge is used to hit shots over water, bunkers, and other obstacles on the course. The lob wedge is used to hit the golf ball into a very high arc, allowing it to fly over any obstruction.


To finish off your basic set of golf clubs, you’ll need a putter. 

Everyone has played mini-golf at least once, so even if you don’t golf regularly, you’ve undoubtedly seen a putter before. 

There is a wide variety of putters available, but the most critical factor is finding one that fits your hand comfortably and helps you roll the golf ball into the hole.

The putter is the only one of its kind in a golfer’s bag, so choosing a design that appeals to your aesthetic sense and instills self-assurance is essential.

Test a putter on the green before making a purchase.

To Conclude

Golf Ball Club Hitting Golfing Along Fairway, Green Nature Background.

With golf clubs explained, it’s safe to say that the standard golf bag may contain the following 14 clubs:

  • One driver
  • Two woods (3- and 5-wood)
  • Five irons (5-, 6-, 7-, 8-, and 9-iron)
  • One hybrid
  • Four wedges (pitching, sand, gap, and lob wedge)
  • One putter

Of course, you’re not obligated to carry a maximum of 14 clubs in your golf bag. You can choose any clubs you like (and as few as you need). Sets of golf clubs are as individual as the golfers who use them. Try out different options until you discover the one that suits you best.

Scottsdale and the surrounding area of Phoenix are home to many world-class golfing options, making it an ideal hotspot for your next golfing vacation with enough options to suit your preferences, abilities, and budget. 

Feel free to consult with one of our trained experts at Meridian CondoResorts about any golf matter, including the basics of golf clubs. We’ll handle the details so you can concentrate on what really matters—improving your golf swing.