Are you looking for unique outdoor team-building ideas? Golf is fun and can be a great way to bring your office together while learning a new sport. No one knows your team better than you, and golf team events can be great for both advanced golfers and non-golfers alike. Our Arizona resort locations and golf and lodging packages welcome groups with special discounts and customized packages. By taking advantage of our golf packages and quick outdoor team building tips, your team will be unified in no time!

How to Coordinate a Golf Team Building Event

Before bringing everyone together, taking time to plan and set up golf team games will make things run smoothly. There are a few necessary elements for ensuring successful golf team events. When you’re ready to begin, follow these steps: 

1. Style of play – First, you want to establish golf team games that everyone at any skill level will enjoy. Collaborating amongst people with various experiences and talent is a usual occurrence in an office and makes for great outdoor team-building activities. By taking advantage of the diversity with a game of Scramble, you’ll be accommodating both new and advanced golfers. Here’s what this game will require: 

    • Collaboration – Separate the group into teams. Everyone hits each golf shot on the team. Afterward, the team will determine which shot is the best, and everyone will continue to hit the ball until it reaches the hole. The lowest number of shots wins the game. 
    • Contribution – Through this style of play, each team member gets an opportunity to contribute. In this spirit of contributing, outdoor team building comes naturally, which can be transferred to the workplace. 
    • Connection Most of the best drives may come from advanced golfers, but many beginners will surprise everyone with great putting or chipping shots. The connection between learning a new skill and winning as a group is one of the best aspects of golf team building.

Man Golfing

2. Location – Finding the best place for golf team events can be challenging. Sometimes golf courses aren’t welcoming to beginners and non-golfers. It’s best not to plan an outdoor team-building event with golf at the priciest or nicest golf course. The best courses to choose should be: 

  • Municipal: An excellent alternative location should be a municipal or small private golf course. 
  • Short holes: A nine-hole course is perfect for golf team building. It shortens the length of time spent on the game while remaining comfortable for beginners learning to play. 
  • Rentals and extras: A facility that can provide golf club rentals, restaurants, and banquet space for the group is ideal. Beginners and non-golfers will need clubs that can be split amongst the team. 
  • Practice green: The best location should have a driving range or putting green to practice on. This is especially important for beginners and non-golfers to learn or practice the basics before getting on the green.
  • Meeting rooms: A meeting room is great for gathering after the game is over. You can use this room to reinforce the day’s outdoor team-building activities while presenting awards to the winners. 

3. Rules – Golf is fun, and the fewer rules during golf team games, the better! When the golf Scramble game is set up for everyone to hit at least one to two drives and putts, beginners and advanced players get an opportunity to take their best shots. An easier way to establish structure is by placing someone in charge of the team who understands basic golf and course etiquette. Some basic guidelines may include: 

  • Strokes: The lead should establish the number of strokes per hole to keep the game moving. 
  • Teams:  Each team should be kept at four players and a golf bag to share. 

4. Spread the word – Now that you’ve got everything in place, it’s time to spread the word! Let everyone know that they will be participating in the golf team building scramble. Be sure to include all of the important details, like pairing up non-golfers and beginners with at least one experienced golfer on their team. Inform the group that every shot will be played from the best location, and it is not meant to be a golf tournament. The spirit of the game is to enjoy the process of skill-building and teamwork!

5. Awards – Make sure to establish the awards ahead of time to distribute them at the end of the event with the help of the professionals at the course. Awards should be given for the long drive holes and closest to the pinhole. Every member on a team should receive identical awards, starting with first place to third place. Since golf is fun and this game is meant to be lighthearted, some humorous ideas for awards can be: 

  • Most improved
  • Most outlandish outfit
  • Shortest drive
  • Worst duffer

This will keep the competition fun and friendly while including more golfers in the award ceremony. 

Unlimited Golf and Lodging Packages

Asian Golfer Standing Relaxed Before Play Golf Ball.

Do you know about our famous unlimited stay and play golf packages? They are a favorite of golfers and non-golfers alike. With our golf and lodging packages, you have access to luxury and fun at an incredible value. Since we welcome groups, your golf team-building experience will come with exclusive discounts and luxury accommodations you won’t find anywhere else in Arizona. Scottsdale is the epitome of luxury, with stunning golf courses and resorts that will bring your team together like never before. When you book an outdoor team-building experience with accommodations, you can expect: 

  • Exclusive golf: You will have access to all the best municipal and small private golf courses with meeting rooms and restaurants for your group. Our unlimited stay and play packages are such a great value; you’ll think you’re golfing for free. During the off-season, accommodations and golf packages are under $100, with second and third rounds of golf available at no extra cost. We provide golf and car rentals at discounted rates for your convenience. 
  • Luxury accommodations: Our group accommodations provide plenty of space for everyone to get comfortable, with luxury condos starting at 900 square feet. All condos are fully furnished and equipped with full-sized kitchens that include ovens, microwaves, dishes, Tupperware, and so much more. Washer and dryers are available in every unit, along with hotel-style beds and flat screens throughout. 
  • Premium amenities: The 24/7 concierge services offer top-of-the-line hospitality with seasoned golf pros and locals available to answer any questions and help coordinate your golf team events. We can keep you up to date with golf course tee times and skill levels when planning your event. Our concierge is ready to help with grocery delivery, reservations, car rentals, or choosing the best golf course for your group. Your office team will appreciate our other amenities, including: 
  • Whirlpool spas
  • Heated resort-style swimming pools
  • Fitness centers
  • Clubhouse/ meeting area available for private rental
  • Gas BBQs

A Perfect Place for Golf Team Building

Golf is fun, and there’s no better place for outdoor team building than Meridian Condo Resorts. With the most stunning and luxurious golf courses and accommodations in the country, golf team building takes on a new meaning with us. For over 25 years, we’ve perfected the art of the golf vacation, particularly with groups. For a stress-free experience while securing the best golf accommodations, look no further. 

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