Are you new to the game of golf? Our onsite seasoned golf specialists can help you with everything from golf tips for beginners to golf club rentals and more. Our unlimited stay and play packages give first-time golfers the experience of a lifetime and access to the most beautiful golf courses in the country. Advanced golfers love our golf accommodation packages because they are an incredible value and present the opportunity to practice consistently while on vacation. We’ll share our best high handicap golf tips gathered from some of the best junior golf academies in the U.S. and why booking with us is the best way to experience Arizona!

Golf Tips for Beginners

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For beginners who prefer high handicap golf tips rather than advice aimed at advanced players, this information is for you. This list includes a few simple ideas that will help improve your golf game as you continue to learn. Here’s a quick overview of where to begin: 

  1. Practice – Practice makes perfect! This may seem like one of the most obvious and easy golf tips you’ll hear. You can expect to see improvements when your quality practice time increases. This happens when you are fully aware of your limitations and strengths. When you schedule time at the driving range, have a plan in place to pick targets and make shots during the day. Before you begin, it’s important to warm up at least an hour before tee time. We recommend showing up early and starting on the practice green. While practicing, aim for keys, coins, or a spot on the green to give yourself direction. Stretch before you hit the ball and start with a wedge first. Next, take shots with the middle irons, long irons, and woods before finishing your warmup with the club you intend to use for the first tee.
  2. Add yards – Adding yardage to your shots is every golfer’s goal. Increasing distance is accomplished by using different parts of your body. You should start by gripping the club with your fingers rather than your palm in a wide stance. Next, your club should come from inside, keeping the plane of your swing around your body. This can be accomplished by shifting your weight from right to left and creating release from the inside. These movements will create the speed and distance you are looking for.
  3. Choose wisely – The best club for beginners to tee off is a fairway wood, hybrid, or iron. A driver is one of the most difficult clubs to use, so it is not recommended when you’re first starting to golf. Using a driver or 3-wood off the tee is determined by the length of the hole and the difficulty of the shot. The best question to ask yourself is whether the shot is high or low risk. A 3-wood or shorter club is best for risker shots.If you want to improve your club selection, you should keep a record of your yardage. Many beginning golfers do not know their yardage. By maintaining records, you can build your confidence based on knowing your limitations and abilities with these easy golf tips.
  4. Perfect your swing – One of the most important and basic golf tips is to hit a controlled draw and avoid slices. They are often caused by “over the top ” swings or open clubface at impact. Here are a few golfing tips for drawing the ball:
      1. Alignment should be kept closed. 
      2. Place the ball back in your stance
      3. The grip should be strong
      4. Always swing from the inside out

    Work at maintaining your balance by keeping a good rhythm and wide stance. To hit the ball higher, open the clubface and place the ball forward in your stance. To hit the ball lower, put the ball further back in your stance with a short follow-through.

  5. Impulse control – Most golfers struggle with lifting their heads when putting because they are solely focused on the results. Doing this causes golfers to come out of their putting stance too soon, which leads to poor putts. To prevent your head from lifting, listen to the ball as it enters the hole rather than looking. If you are digging too deep in the sand, open the clubface and take your grip. These simple movements will improve your consistency in the sand while helping you with shallow divots.When you’re struggling to make solid pitch shots, the key is to maintain open alignment with your body and clubface. Weight should be on your left side, with your legs remaining stationary with movement made with the swing. For a perfect lob shot, you must learn to trust the design of your sand or lob wedge. Beginners often think they need to help the ball into the air instead of allowing the club to do the job. When you do this, you lose your body angles and produce inconsistent shots on the green.
  6. Mental control Golfing is a mental game. One of the best golf tips for beginners is to warm up and practice before every game to calm the nerves. When you take your first tee shot, you’ll be able to grip the club with confidence. 

It is common for golfers to collapse on the back nine after a great front nine. To avoid this, focus on one shot at a time and keep your score. By remaining focused and sticking to your pre-shot routine, your shots will remain consistent. When you focus too much on the score, you can become technically or emotionally self-conscious. Instead, remain present in the game and concentrate on your routine. 

The Best Unlimited Stay and Play Golf Packages

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We love golf and enjoy helping beginners and advanced players improve their game with our golfing tips. That’s why we have unlimited stay and play golf packages that provide exceptional value for the price you pay. Nowhere else in Arizona will you find luxury accommodations with free rounds of golf for individual and group bookings. During the offseason, you can take advantage of exclusive discounts that give you access to some of the most stunning golf courses in the country. Stay with us and get much more: 

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  • Group discounts – Bring a group of coworkers for a team-building event or family members who love to golf and get exclusive deals on rounds of golf. Our experienced staff can provide high handicap golf tips that will help group members at various skill levels. 

Our Pros Can Help with Basic Golf Tips

For over 25 years, we’ve been providing high-quality hospitality and easy golf tips to everyone who stays and plays at our location. When you book with us, our staff will take care of everything so you can focus on your golf game. Our all-inclusive golf vacations in Scottsdale continue to be a hit because we care about your experience.

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