Golf is now considered a global sport and family golf resorts everywhere are taking notice. In spite of its global popularity, participation has been on a steady decline, especially among kids between the ages of 16 to 23. During this stage of life, kids are more likely to be consumed with education and job hunting than taking up a round of golf. We are aware that teaching the little ones golf is not for the faint of heart but it’s well worth it! Exposing children to golf at an early age will help them become familiar with the sport, build appreciation for the game, and live longer according to a recent study Scananavian Journal of Medicine and Science.   

Helping the Kids Play Golf

There’s nothing like a family vacation that has something for everyone! Thankfully, many golf resorts include a family golf and learning center that helps with the teaching process. You don’t have to go it alone when getting your kids familiar with the ins and outs of golf. In the meantime, we have a few points of interest you’ll want to add to your teaching lesson: 

  • Golf at the right time – Start the golf game for kids by being mindful of other golfers and teach in the evening. Not only will you set yourself up for success by factoring in delays, but you’ll avoid cranky looks from fellow golfers. We know you want to instill respect for the pace of play in your kids, but small beginners should start slow. Once they’ve learned the game and understand the fundamentals, you both will be more comfortable playing a round of golf in the mornings at an accelerated pace. 
  • Encourage the excitement – Remember the little ones are new to the golf game and everything associated with it. The prospect of receiving golf shoes, tees, and ball markers are part of the excitement of learning something new. We aren’t suggesting that you purchase a whole new Callaway golf set for them just yet but keep in mind that the little things matter when kids play golf. 
  • Include the golf cart – As much as you are used to walking the course, the golf cart is part of the game. It is also one of the most enjoyable aspects of golf while kids are young. The last thing you want to do is take away anything that can be associated with an amusement ride. This will help to hold their interest and reduce the fatigue of carrying your golf set across the greens with little people in tow. Some family golf resorts will even have a kids golf cart handy to keep them occupied. It’s a great way to peak the interest of the golf game for kids. Again, it’s best to do this in the evening to avoid the annoyed reactions from fellow golfers. 

Kids at a Golf Field Holding Golf Clubs Studying With Father

  • Mind the distance – When teaching the kids to golf, consider the distance. It’s easy to set them up for the same yardage as you but this won’t work for them. Make sure to maintain the enjoyment by adjusting the tee to accommodate their small beginnings but leaving enough room for them to anticipate driving the green. This will give them a good idea of what to expect when they eventually must make the adjustment during a normal round of golf. 
  • Adjust the scoring – You know how to score but don’t subject your kids to this just yet. You want them to feel good about a few wins and experience progress. Establishing a scoring system that is well – suited for their experience levels is the best way to introduce them to the game of golf. One option is to encourage positive scoring when they make a good shot and negative scoring when they don’t. Keeping it simple will encourage them to continue to play and make improvements in their swing. 
  • Etiquette is important, but be patient – Teaching the etiquette of golf to toddlers is important but challenging. Remember to be patient while instilling in them a sense of respect for the game. The last thing you want is your kids to consider golf a game of things they can’t do. Rather than presenting etiquette as a charm school on the green, make note of waiting for your turn, being quiet while others are playing, and avoiding playing in the bunkers. 
  • Manage expectations – You may want to continue to hit great shots while the kids play golf too but managing your expectations of both them and you during this time will help you maintain composure. The kids may be fidgeting behind you and playing with the driver while you swing or playing on the golf cart as you concentrate on the tee. Expecting a proper tempo while working with small beginners is placing too much pressure on yourself. When you choose to lighten up and simply enjoy the time, you’ll see that your golf game will improve and the outing with your kids will be a success! 

Keep it Fun When Kids Play Golf

One of the most important aspects of a golf game for kids is keeping it fun. They will quickly lose interest if they feel disengaged or frustrated. Teaching children golf requires a different approach that should not include technical terms or an overload of too much information. Continuous encouragement, enthusiasm, and visual cues are the best way to keep their interest. When staying at a golf resort, the family golf and learning center will suggest the best way to start the golf game for kids is teaching them to putt. In doing so, they will learn how to hold the club, learn to score, and strike the ball. From experience, you know that it is the simplest stroke and the most crucial for scoring. Start with the putt and build the lesson from there!

Asian Little Girl Lying on Grass and Blowing the Ball Into a Hole

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