If you’re seeking unique things to do in Scottsdale, Arizona, the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is an event that should not be missed. This prestigious event is a celebration of the Arabian horse, known for its beauty, grace, and athleticism. As the world converges in Scottsdale for this spectacular showcase, visitors and locals alike are in for an equestrian treat like no other.

The Legacy of the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale

Since its inception in 1955, the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale has evolved from a small gathering of 50 horses to a world-class event featuring nearly 2,400 Arabian horses. The show’s rich history began at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel and later moved to Paradise Park. Today, it is held at the WestWorld of Scottsdale, a venue that mirrors the show’s grandeur​​.

2024 Show Overview: A Blend of Competition and Charity

Scheduled for February 15-25, 2024, at WestWorld, the show is not only a competition but also a philanthropic event. It supports numerous charities, including the Arabian Horse Foundation, the Arabian Horsemen’s Distress Fund, and the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, underscoring its commitment to giving back to the community​​​​.

A Showcase of Equestrian Excellence

At the heart of the Arabian Horse Show Arizona is the competition, featuring over 2,100 horses vying for more than $3 million in prize money. This competition highlights the versatility and elegance of the Arabian breed, offering a glimpse into the world of top-notch equestrian sports​​.

Interactive and Educational Experiences

The 2024 show promises an immersive experience for attendees. Organized by HoofbeatZ USA, the interactive segment allows visitors to learn, touch, and even ride, offering a hands-on introduction to the equine world. This feature is particularly appealing for newcomers to the equestrian scene​​.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show places a strong emphasis on education and interaction. Activities like the art and photo contests, meet-and-greet sessions with horses, and educational demonstrations provide opportunities for attendees, especially families and children, to learn more about Arabian horses and equestrianism. 

Such interactive experiences are vital in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of the Arabian horse breed and equestrian sports among the general public. These activities also contribute to the show’s reputation as an event that is educational and enjoyable for all ages​​.

Arabian horse world championship

A Marketplace of Arts and Crafts

In addition to horse-related activities, the event boasts a Shopping Expo. Here, hundreds of artisans and entrepreneurs present a diverse array of products, ranging from fine arts and crafts to clothing and jewelry, creating a vibrant marketplace adjacent to the main arena​​.

The Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show is more than just an equestrian event; it’s a cultural festival that offers a variety of activities and experiences. Beyond the competitions, the event is known for its gala parties, educational seminars, and family-focused events. These activities create a festive atmosphere that celebrates not only the Arabian horse but also the equestrian lifestyle. The international cuisine court and over 300 vendor booths add a cosmopolitan flavor to the event, showcasing lavish jewelry, clothing, and artwork. This blend of activities ensures that the show is not just about equestrian competition but a celebration of diverse cultures and arts​​.

Celebrating National Arabian Horse Day

A special highlight of the 2024 show is the third annual National Arabian Horse Day on February 19. This day is dedicated to celebrating the Arabian horse breed, featuring special events and activities that add to the show’s festive atmosphere​​.

The Venue: A Perfect Setting for the Spectacle

Located at 16601 N. Pima Road, Scottsdale, AZ, WestWorld provides an ideal backdrop for this majestic event. The facility’s expansive grounds and state-of-the-art amenities make it a fitting location for an event of this scale​​.

With over 300,000 square feet of exhibit space and 11 arenas, WestWorld offers an expansive and flexible setting for the various activities and competitions of the horse show. The facility’s vast size and modern amenities ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for both the horses and the attendees.

One of the standout features of WestWorld is its climate-controlled spaces. This feature is especially crucial in Arizona’s desert climate, providing a comfortable environment for spectators and participants alike. Additionally, the venue boasts over 11,000 vehicle parking spaces and 470+ RV spaces with power and water hookups, addressing the needs of a large number of visitors and participants who travel to the event from various parts of the country and the world.​

Why Attend the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show?

Whether you’re an equestrian enthusiast, a family looking for a unique outing, or someone curious about Arabian horses, the show offers something for everyone. It’s not just a horse show; it’s a cultural event that celebrates the beauty of the Arabian breed and the sport of horse riding.

The Historical Significance of the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale

Since its humble beginnings in 1955 at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, the Arabian Horse Show in Scottsdale has been a significant event in the equestrian world. Initially featuring just 50 horses from a dozen farms, it has evolved into the largest Arabian horse show globally, boasting well over 2,000 horses and 1,300 owners. This growth reflects not only the show’s popularity but also the increasing interest in Arabian horses worldwide. One of the founders, Anne McCormick, played a pivotal role by donating land for the show, ensuring its longevity and success in Scottsdale​​.

A Celebration of Equestrian Diversity

The Arabian Horse Show in Arizona offers a wide range of competitions across multiple divisions. These include Mounted Native Costume, Dressage, Driving, and various Western and English Pleasure categories. Liberty classes, where horses run free to music, add a unique artistic dimension to the show. The diverse array of categories allows a full display of the Arabian horse’s versatility, attracting large crowds annually. The event’s popularity is evident in its consistently high attendance, with over 320,000 visitors and significant global viewership via live feeds​​.

Arabian horse in front of a house

Economic Impact and Venue Enhancements

The Arabian Horse Show significantly impacts Scottsdale’s economy, bringing in approximately $52 million. This economic boost is a testament to the event’s importance to the local community. Recognizing this, significant investments have been made to improve the venue. For instance, in 2013, WestWorld underwent a $47 million renovation, including the addition of air-conditioned arenas, enhancing the experience for both participants and spectators​​.

Conclusion: A Must-Visit Event in Scottsdale

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