Now is the perfect time to plan a family golfing trip! As the weather cools down and golf courses are in perfect conditions, a vacation centered around family fun golf and some of the country’s best and most beautiful golf courses is an excellent way to unwind after quarantine. Our superior attention to the details of cleanliness and hospitality at all of the Arizona locations keeps guests returning year after year. With onsite local and seasoned golf experts, we can help you plan an exciting family golfing outing you will never forget! 

Make it a Golf Family Gathering in Scottsdale, Arizona

Group golf settings usually include individuals at varying levels of skills and experience. So, in that case, you will need a family sports golf course. One of the best aspects of staying at Meridian Condo Resorts is our group stay and play packages that you can customize to accommodate golfers at any level. With access to the best golf courses in Arizona at your fingertips, we can guarantee that your golf family vacation will be an enjoyable one. 

  • Beginners – If you have family members that are beginners, it’s a good idea to slow the game down to enjoy the process of learning. Rather than getting frustrated over poor putts, it’s a much better idea to spend time on the practice range hitting golf balls on Arizona’s prettiest family sports golf courses. For 30 minute intervals, you can practice hitting golf balls as hard as you’d like. Add a layer of fun and competition by giving a price to the person who hits the ball the farthest or hits a specific target. 

When you’re ready to hit the course after practicing, you can spend an hour on four holes that will give you the chance to take in the stunning views and surroundings. You can create a maximum score while encouraging small games like putting and chipping contests. This way, everyone has fun and remains encouraged. 

  • Intermediates – For family members who already play golf and are comfortable with playing the course, spending a day playing a modified game will be fun. Most people are part of this group who may not have the time or resources to improve their golf game significantly. A family sports golf course instructor is an excellent idea to include while enjoying a fun game of golf. This makes it convenient for everyone to learn to improve their game in a fun and relaxed setting. 

To raise the stakes and increase the friendly competition, we recommend joining or starting a family sports golf league. Most golf facilities would be happy to help you join or start a golf league. It is a growing trend that can keep a family golfing trip fun and interesting. 

  • Advanced – For more passionate and advanced golf players, try setting up a family sports golf course in 2-hole, 3-hole, or 6-hole increments and set specific goals to hit. These goals should include elements unrelated to the score, like the number of putts and hitting greens. 

Another fun game to play with more advanced family members is “call the shot,” where one individual picks a club out of another family member’s bag and tells them the type of shot to hit with a specific target. This is a fun game for inexperienced golfers as well since it can pique interest in the sport. 

Cropped Photo of a Trainer Placing His Club on the Teeing Ground Along the Tips of His Client Toes

Generate Family Golfing Interest

You may be the only one in your family who is a consistent and avid golfer. If this is the case, you’ll want to increase your family’s interest with a family fun golf trip. We host family golfing trips all year round and are experienced in assisting groups in becoming more involved in golf trips. Here are a few tips to convince family members that a golf trip won’t be boring but a new and fun experience: 

  • Bond over favorite golfers – The family that golfs together wins together, and bonding over popular golf athletes can help everyone learn! Observing and critiquing high-level pro golfers together will inspire both beginners and advanced players. This will help the family learn the basics of the game and recognize the significance of skills involved in playing well. Bonding over favorite golf players can help make family fun golf a big part of the group’s entertainment on a regular basis. 
  • Take golf classes – As noted before, receiving instruction in groups is not only cost-effective but a great way to pursue a common goal. Every day of your golf family vacation, you can take golf lessons as a family. This can help to shape the family’s mindset and the way everyone carries out their everyday lives. 
  • Join tournaments – Now that the family is focused on learning more about golf, joining tournaments is the next step! When you sign the family up for a competition, this will encourage everyone to be the best they can be. It’s also a great way to spend time together on a family golf trip and cheer for one another. 
  • Improve together – Whether you win the tournament or not, learning new skills and getting better on a family sports golf course can bring everyone together in ways you never considered possible. The game can be easy to learn but challenging to master. As everyone pushes themselves to improve, family fun golf activities will grow stronger bonds. Since golfing is a mental game, it can help to increase focus and cognitive function in various aspects of your life. 
  • Shop together – Buying new things is fun, and golf gear is no exception! When the family picks up golfing as a hobby, the family can shop for new items together like clubs, clothing, and training sessions. Golf accessories make great Christmas gifts and can serve as incentives to keep improving. 
  • Have fun – Never forget to keep the experience fun! Sometimes missing a shot can be frustrating, or learning to hold the clubs properly may seem tedious. If it’s not a fun golf trip, the family may not stay interested. When you combine beautiful scenery with family fun golf competitions, the group will look forward to more family golfing adventures. 

The Best Destination for a Golf Trip

Golf Course With a Rich Green Turf Beautiful Scenery.

We’ve been hosting golf family vacations for over 25 years and look forward to customizing your unlimited stay and play package! Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous desert landscapes and luxury accommodations with a 24/7 concierge at your fingertips. That’s what you can expect when you stay at Meridian Condo Resorts. We offer additional discounts for groups with the finest condominiums for unrivaled value, including: 

  • Accommodations – You will have your choice of a one, two, or three-bedroom layout with a completely stocked full-sized kitchen that features full-sized refrigerators and oven ranges. Hotel-style beds and living rooms with recliners make our accommodations a home away from home. Have a pizza party with full-sized dining tables and large flat-screen TVs that will keep the whole family entertained. 
  • Amenities – You won’t have to leave the property to treat the whole family to whirlpool spas, heated swimming pools, BBQ grills, and a clubhouse that you can rent for private parties! 
  • Golf courses – When you choose a stay and play package, you will have access to award-winning golf courses in Scottsdale and Phoenix. If the family has been following the PGA Tour, you will have a chance to play at the infamous 16th hole at TPC Stadium when you stay with us. The family can enjoy the surrounding spas with unique offerings only found exclusively in Arizona!

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