Do you want to know how the best golf trips are planned? The secret lies in adding stay and play golf packages to your accommodations. There are other essential tips to remember when planning the best weekend golf trips that you may not think of right away. We’ll show you how to create the best golf trip the USA can offer and how to add your stay and play option. 

How to Plan the Best Golf Trips

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The best weekend golf trips are planned in advance with all of the details ironed out. The little things can make a vacation extraordinary, and we are experts in providing the best golf experience. If it’s your first time on the golf course, we offer tips for first-time golfers that will help your golf game go smoother. To get started, here is where you should begin: 

  1. Invitations – The best golf trips are with friends. It can be a challenge to notify everyone and get their input for where you should go. When gathering your group, it’s recommended to keep the total headcount divisible by four. Many golf tour organizers believe the best group consists of eight people because it makes travel arrangements like tee times, accommodations, meals, and flights easy.You should begin planning your trip at least six months in advance and send an email with the main details to at least 20 people requesting a response from the first eight. Sending out bulk invitations will help you avoid hurt feelings and last-minute cancellations. It will eliminate the need to determine who stays and who goes.
  2. Organization – When you’ve managed to gather everyone interested in the trip, it’s helpful to divide the responsibilities of the trip amongst them. Since everyone may not agree on everything, setting ground rules and delegating responsibilities will keep the group on the same page. 
  3. Destination – Choosing the correct destination for the best weekend golf trips can be one of the biggest challenges. There are so many great destinations that choosing one golf trip in the USA may not be enough! For this first trip, there are a few well-known locations that never disappoint, including:

    • Scottsdale, Arizona
    • Myrtle Beach
    • Florida
    • Oregon
    • Alabama
    • Wisconsin

    Remember to consider the weather during your travels. You’d want to avoid a destination with rain, wind, or freezing temperatures that will make it impossible to enjoy golfing. Locations like Scottsdale with dry sunny weather, no rainouts, and a long list of spectacular courses is the safest choice.

  4. Courses – Choosing golf courses for your trip may seem easy at first. If you choose a destination like Scottsdale, Arizona, it could be challenging to select from the plethora of gorgeous golf courses that the area is known for. While it may be tempting to focus on checking the signature courses of your list, you can have a lot of fun at lesser-known golf clubs that are easily accessible and in line with your skill level. This will give everyone in the group an opportunity to play a successful round or two. 
  5. First-class – Once you’ve decided what courses you’ll play and ideal destinations, stick to your budget but splurge a little. As your first golf trip, it should be one of the best golf trips of your life. There are no other accommodations that provide the value we do for the price you’ll pay. Our unlimited stay and play packages come with spacious luxury accommodations you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s what to expect when you stay in our luxury condos: 
    • Size – Our luxury condos start at 900 square feet for a one-bedroom up to 1400 square feet for a three-bedroom unit. They are ideal for group reservations because they are spacious and fully equipped with everything you need. 
    • Kitchens and dining rooms – While most long-term stay hotel rooms will have a kitchenette, our luxury condos come with a full-size kitchen, including refrigerators, ovens, microwaves, pots and pans, Tupperware, coffee makers, silverware, wine glasses, dishes, and more. You won’t need to bring anything but your group.
    • Laundry – A hotel will have laundry facilities on the premises. Your luxury condo will have a washer and dryer inside the unit. You can wash and dry your own clothes from the comfort of your condo. All units come with free detergent, ironing boards, and irons. 
    • Bedrooms – Most of our luxury condo units come with walk-in closets and custom bed types. You’ll be able to sleep on a hotel-style bed while watching a 40 inch flat-screen TV with a DVD player when you’re not golfing. 
    • Bathrooms All bathrooms are equipped with towels, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and hair dryers.
    • Living rooms – You can lounge in your luxury condo living room with sofas, recliners, and loveseats, depending on the room you choose. Take in the scenery from your private balcony with comfortable outdoor furniture. In the evenings, you’ll have a fireplace to enjoy with a 65 inch flat-screen TV.
  6. Plan – Booking your golf experiences in advance is an excellent way to ensure your slots are reserved during the busier seasons. If you choose an unlimited stay and play package, you won’t have to worry about booking in advance. Making dinner reservations ahead of time can be beneficial, but our 24-hour concierge service can help you take care of dinner plans. 
  7. Pack – The best part about making reservations with us is that you can pack light. With in-unit washers and dryers, you can do your laundry while staying with us! Just make sure you’ve checked the dress code for the golf courses you are considering. You can leave your golf clubs at home and rent golf clubs with us for added convenience. If you are not aware or don’t know who to call, our concierge service of seasoned golf professionals will be able to help you!

The Best Stay and Play Golf Packages

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Our famous unlimited stay and play golf packages have been the main attraction for the best golf trips for many years. The experienced golf professionals on staff can provide tips for first-time golfers while answering any questions you may have. Here’s what to expect with our golf packages: 

  • Exclusive access – Have you heard of TPC Stadium? You’ll have exclusive access to play on one of the most famous golf courses featured on the PGA tour, along with numerous other award-winning and stunning courses! 
  • Exclusive discounts – We offer exclusive discounts for groups. You’ll feel like you golf for free when you book with us during the offseason because the accommodation and golf rates are under $100. These rates depend on specific boarding requirements and allow your group to go out for a second and third round of golf completely free based on availability. 
  • Exclusive information – Our golf specialists can help you choose the best and most appropriate golf course for you! As avid golfers, they know everything about the surrounding golf courses in every detail and can help arrange your golf stay and play packages. 

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Our luxury condo and golf stay and play packages are top-rated! Coupled with our premium amenities, you’ll experience one of the best golf trips you’ve ever had. We provide exceptional hospitality with a second-to-none concierge service that can take care of anything from fetching a rental car to grocery delivery! It’s time to gather all of your friends and make your reservations. 

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