Phoenix Area Golf Course Overseeding Schedule

The fall season is a time of perfect Scottsdale weather, upcoming holidays, and a comprehensive overseeding schedule for Arizona golf courses. Many golf aficionados hesitate to visit during this time, not understanding when certain golf courses are closed and when their conditions will return to pristine. That’s why we’ve made the Scottsdale and Phoenix area overseeding schedule available for golf lovers like you.

At Meridian CondoResorts, our famous unlimited stay and play packages are still available during overseeding and our Golf Vacation Specialists will help you choose
when and where to play for the very best experience and conditions you can imagine! We welcome all of our guests to take full advantage of an easy, affordable,
and unforgettable golf holiday.

What Is Overseeding?

If you’re unfamiliar with overseeding, you’re not alone. Since overseeding golf courses takes place between September and October, the perfect weather draws many golfers to Arizona, the home of the TPC Stadium Course and the Waste Management Phoenix Open. It is a process in which new winter ryegrass is planted in place of dormant Bermuda grass. The purpose is to generate a new fresh layer of lush green grass that usually lasts until May of the following year. So, when the courses reopen after this process is over, you’ll be playing on a new and lush layer of grass. There are usually restrictions placed on the golf cart path access during this time of overseeding and aeration to allow the new layer of grass ample time to grow and replenish itself and we will walk you through it.

So don’t let the Scottsdale overseeding schedule stop you from enjoying all that we have to offer at Meridian CondoResorts. Our seasoned staff can provide you with plenty of information on which courses are not only open, but are beautifully landscaped and enjoyable to play. The Meridian CondoResorts team of professionals are very aware of the local area and can guide you through a plethora of scenic courses for your enjoyment during your stay with us.

Our golf specialists pay close attention to the overseeding dates and course conditions, as we are locals and are in constant communication with all of the courses on a regular basis along with speaking with many of our may guests who are playing them every day. We even try and get out and play them as often as we can as well! Feel free to reach out to us with any questions regarding the course conditions or the overseeding schedules. Regardless of what dates you choose for your stay, you can be sure that we can always customize a great golf itinerary for you!

Take a look at the 2020 Overseeding Schedule below.

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Golf Course Closure Date Re-open Date
Boulders - North Course 10/11/21 10/30/21
Boulders - South Course 9/20/21 10/11/21
Camelback - Ambiente 9/27/21 10/16/21
Camelback - Padre 10/18/21 11/6/21
Coyote Lakes 9/24/21 10/6/21
Desert Canyon 9/20/21 10/15/21
Dove Mountain - Saguaro TBD TBD
Dove Mountain - Tortolita TBD TBD
Dove Mountain - Wild Burrow TBD TBD
Dove Valley Ranch 9/28/21 10/16/21
Eagle Mountain 10/18/21 11/4/21
Foothills Golf Club 10/4/21 10/19/21
Gold Canyon - Dinosaur Mountain 10/11/21 10/29/21
Gold Canyon - Sidewinder 9/20/21 10/8/21
Golf Club of Estrella 10/4/21 10/22/21
Grayhawk - Raptor 10/5/21 11/5/21
Grayhawk - Talon 9/20/21 10/4/21
Hillcrest 9/18/21 10/4/21
Kierland - Acacia Nine 9/27/21 10/12/21
Kierland - Ironwood Nine 9/13/21 9/28/21
Kierland - Mesquite Nine 10/11/21 10/30/21
Las Sendas 10/4/21 10/23/21
Legacy 10/11/21 10/29/21
Legend at Arrowhead 9/27/21 10/19/21
Legend Trail 9/13/21 9/27/21
Golf Course Closure Date Re-open Date
Longbow 10/10/21 10/28/21
Lookout Mountain 9/20/21 10/7/21
McCormick Ranch - Palm 10/24/21 11/12/21
McCormick Ranch - Pine 9/19/21 10/8/21
McDowell Mountain 10/4/21 10/22/21
Mountain Brook 10/4/21 10/23/21
Ocotillo - Blue Nine 9/20/21 10/4/21
Ocotillo - Gold Nine 10/4/21 10/18/21
Ocotillo - White Nine 10/18/21 11/1/21
Palm Valley - North 9/20/21 10/6/21
Palm Valley - South 10/6/21 10/21/21
Palm Valley - West 10/21/21 11/6/21
Papago 10/4/21 10/25/21
Phoenician 9/26/21 10/15/21
Quintero 9/20/21 10/15/21
Rancho Manana 9/14/21 10/4/21
Raven PHX 10/4/21 10/23/21
Sedona None None
Silverado 9/19/21 10/4/21
Southern Dunes 10/11/21 10/29/21
Starfire - King 18 Holes 9/12/21 10/11/21
Starfire - Mulligan 9 Holes 10/11/21 10/25/21
Stonecreek 10/4/21 10/16/21
SunRidge Canyon 8/2/21 10/1/21
Superstition Springs 9/28/21 10/10/21
Golf Course Closure Date Re-open Date
Talking Stick - O'odham 10/17/21 11/5/21
Talking Stick - Piipaash 9/26/21 10/15/21
Tonto Verde - Peaks TBD TBD
Tonto Verde - Ranch TBD TBD
TPC Champions 9/20/21 10/4/21
TPC Stadium 10/4/21 10/23/21
Trilogy @ Power Ranch 10/11/21 11/4/21
Trilogy @ Vistancia 10/12/21 10/30/21
Troon North - Pinnacle 9/19/21 10/7/21
Troon North - Monument 10/3/21 10/22/21
Verde River 10/4/21 10/25/21
Verrado - Founders 10/9/21 10/29/21
Verrado - Victory 9/20/21 10/9/21
We-Ko-Pa - Cholla 10/11/21 10/29/21
We-Ko-Pa - Saguro 10/4/21 10/22/21
Whirlwind - Cattail 10/11/21 10/29/21
Whirlwind - Devils Claw 9/21/21 10/8/21
Wickenburg Ranch Li'l Wick 10/18/21 11/5/21
Wickenburg Ranch Big Wick 10/4/21 10/26/21
Wigwam - Gold 10/11/21 11/1/21
Wigwam - Red 9/20/21 10/11/21
Wigwam - Blue 9/27/21 10/18/21
Wildfire - Faldo 10/10/21 11/6/21
Wildfire - Palmer 9/20/21 10/10/21

*Overseeding Dates are subject to change based upon the discretion of each Golf Course Superintendent.

Overseeding FAQs:

This is the annual process when the courses will each close for a couple of weeks in the mid-September to mid-October time frame (exact dates will vary by course) as the summer bermuda grass in place will start to go dormant. The courses will then scalp all of the Bermuda grass off of the course and plant the new winter rye grass over it. With the cooler temperatures coming in the winter rye grass will take and grow in over the dormant Bermuda grass. So a couple of weeks later the courses will have a brand new layer of lush green winter rye grass in place to last throughout the Fall, Winter and Spring months.
The summer Bermuda grass in Arizona will go dormant once the cooler temperatures come in during the early fall months of mid-September to mid-October. The overseeding process is performed so the courses in the Scottsdale/Phoenix area will have lush green grass throughout our Fall, Winter and Spring months.
After the completion of the overseeding process the courses will typically put the cart path only rule in place on every hole to allow the freshly planted winter rye grass to establish itself and make it through the Fall, Winter and Spring months. Driving a golf cart on the fresh winter rye grass before it is fully established may cause damage to the grass that is unrepairable. Most courses will keep the cart path only rule in place typically from 4 to 8 weeks depending on the golf course, the weather and how the overseeding procedure takes. A Golf Vacation Specialist will have all the information to help ensure you have no surprises during your stay.
Courses will keep the cart path only rule in place for typically 4-8 weeks after the completion of the overseeding process (this will vary from course to course and there are a few exceptions).
Yes, on occasion certain courses may allow guests to have a “medical flag” that may allow golfers to drive to the golf ball at a 90 degree angle prior to the cart path only rule being lifted. Not all courses offer this but some will allow it. A lot will depend on when the over seeding process has been performed, the weather and how the overseeding procedure takes.
The 90-degree rule means that a golfer is supposed to drive their cart along the cart path until the cart has reached a point where a 90-degree turn would cause the cart to drive laterally across the fairway directly to your golf ball. The 90 degree cart rule is when the courses allow the convenience of permitting golfers to drive to their golf ball but also tries to limit the time the carts spend on the fairway grass.
The mid-September to mid-October time frame can be a very good time to come out to the Scottsdale/Phoenix area to golf. This is when the weather is starting to cool down and there are always many premier courses open for play. You can also take advantage of some good value this time of year as well. All of our Golf Vacation Specialists know the courses, overseeding dates and conditions well and would be able to customize a great trip for you regardless of when you come out.

If you are looking for the perfect golf vacation, choose Meridian CondoResorts,
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