Are you new to the game of golf? It’s an exhilarating, relaxing, and fun sport that provides a front-row seat to some of the most stunning landscapes you’ve ever seen. Like any other sport, there are golf etiquette rules that many beginners may be unfamiliar with. We’ll share with you what not to do on a golf course and how you can take advantage of our unlimited stay and play golf packages!

What Not to Do on a Golf Course

Talking on the Cell Phone While Playing Golf Is Annoying

Even if you are a golf veteran, the unspoken rules of golf etiquette are still important. Keeping these rules in mind will improve your overall golf experience and help you build a reputation for good golf etiquette. The last thing you want as a beginning golfer is to be known as someone who is uncouth on the golf course. By applying basic golf etiquette 101, you’ll avoid being the subject of rumors and be invited to the golf course more often: 

  • Dress code – Since golf has deep traditional roots, a dress code must be adhered to. Although the levels of dress code strictness may differ slightly from each location, there are general formalities you should follow. For starters, it’s best to leave the jeans and crop tops at home. Instead, typical golf attire consists of golf shoes, golf shirts with collars, knee-length shorts or skorts, and khaki pants. A collared shirt and golf shoes used to be two of the strictest requirements, but many golf courses have more relaxed rules. Spikes for golf shoes are no longer enforced since they can cause a lot of damage on the greens, but other accessories, including hats, gloves, and sunglasses, are highly recommended. 
  • Lateness – Just like at your job, being on time is important but for different reasons. Tee times are scheduled based on the amount of time between specific groups of people. Some golf courses will not allow you out on the greens if you are late for your scheduled tee time because it backs up the rest of the schedule. To avoid this issue, always arrive a few minutes early for your tee time. This will give you time to practice, use the restroom, and get ready for the game. It is typical to wait a few minutes before starting, which indicates that you’ve been checked in. 
  • Pace – Keeping the pace of play is one of the most important parts of playing golf. It means that you continue to move towards the next hole by keeping up with the group of golfers in front of you. Generally, a round of golf with 18 holes will take about four hours, with nine holes taking just two. The time it takes to finish a round of golf depends on the type of course. You should plan to spend around 15 minutes for each hole, except for par 3’s that take less. Playing a round of golf can be an all-day ordeal, especially if you are behind a group of slow players. Be aware that there may be a group behind you as well. 
  • Respect– While it may be fun to be playing golf with friends, it’s important to remain quiet while someone is swinging. Being respectful and polite allows everyone to focus on hitting the ball accurately, even during practice swings. You should never talk, whisper, or rummage through your golf bag while someone is swinging. This also includes yelling, screaming, or playing music. All these actions should not take place on the golf course under any circumstances. 
  • Golf cart – Displaying respect on the golf course should be a regular occurrence. Those who tend to golf courses spend a lot of time ensuring it remains in good condition. When riding a golf cart, you’ll notice signs directing you to stay on the “cart path.” You should adhere to these prompts and refrain from riding the carts on fairways or greens. The carts can do significant damage to the course. It’s expected that all cart signs are respected and that driving is not reckless. 
  • Sportsmanship – If you haven’t noticed yet, golfing is all about tradition and respect. While golfing, you should always display good sportsmanship by not swearing and keeping emotions in check. It’s normal to experience strong emotions during the game but continue to move on to the next hole. Remaining positive and supportive of other player’s shots while staying humble when you win is the mark of good golf etiquette. 
  • Golf balls – In the past, white golf balls were the only ones you saw on the course. Nowadays, you’ll find a wide variety of colors and sizes that make it much easier to identify the ball you are using. Some golfers will mark their balls with permanent markers with a unique pattern or design to mitigate confusion. Both options are available and a demonstration of a good display of the unspoken rules of golf etiquette. 

When you’ve hit the ball, you should watch the ball land and stop before going for the next stop. This is easier to do if the ball lands on the fairway but more challenging if it ends up in the woods or thick rough. Once you see the ball stop, you should pick a landmark to help you locate the ball as you get closer. As a beginner, it is common to forget where the ball landed. Remember, the time allotted to find a ball is only three minutes, which helps maintain the pace of play. Good golf etiquette rules allow for other players to help you find the ball. 

  • Have fun – At the end of the day, you should always have fun. Although the sport’s traditions present certain restrictions, you don’t want to take yourself too seriously. If you are a beginner with aspirations of becoming a professional, we encourage you to take the game seriously. 

Other Unspoken Rules of Golf Etiquette

Honor and honesty are two critical aspects of good golf etiquette 101. When you begin a round of golf, you are responsible for counting strokes and the number of shots at each hole. The number is then marked on your scorecard and may require you to think back and remember. There are golf apps created to help you keep track of strokes. 

Full Length of a Female Golf Player Ready To Hit the Ball With the Club on the Putting Green, Under the Instruction of an Experienced Teacher Outdoors in a Sunny Day

Unlimited Stay and Play Golf Etiquette

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We Can Help with Golf Etiquette

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