Have you ever wondered why golf courses always look so pristine? What is overseeding anyway? Through the golf course overseeding process, you get the opportunity to golf on flawless rolling hills consistently. A lot goes into creating a perfect golfing experience and overseeding is an important part of it. We’ll share the reasoning for golf course overseeding and what that means for you when you play. 

What is Overseeding

The process of overseeding refers to golf course maintenance that spreads grass seed over the top of existing grass to encourage new growth while swapping seasonal turf. This process helps the course replace one type of grass with a new one. Since most golf courses use bermudagrass, they spread ryegrass seed over it during the fall season. As the bermudagrass turns dormant during the winter, ryegrass grows over it. This process is reversed in the spring. This pair is very common but other types of grass are used as well. 

Why Overseeding is Important

Why overseed the golf course? Golf course overseeding maintains consistent growing turfgrass for golfers to play on. Otherwise, golf enthusiasts would be met with burnt or non-existent grass when swinging or putting. Here’s what the golf course overseeding process entails: 

  • Sand – Seed is often combined with a thin layer of sand which gives space for new grass to grow in without being cut. 
  • Aeration – Most of the time, the process includes aeration, which can result in “hairy greens” for a while. 
  • Temporary greens – These are areas close to the regular greens that have been cut during this process to keep golfers from walking on the fresh or newly grown grass. 

Some golf courses allow their greens to go dormant intentionally. Courses that have yellow or brown grass can still be played on but most golfers and golf course staff do not like the look. Other golf courses choose to use brown or yellow grass aesthetics to their advantage by overseeding some areas and not others. The mixture of colors can make an attractive and unique look for a golf course. This is why overseeding golf course greens is considered an option. 

Playing Golf on the Golf Course

Can Golf Course Overseeding Impact Play? 

The most beneficial impact of golf course overseeding is the deep discounts that are offered during this season. A majority of golf courses understand the inconvenience of the overseeding process and may throw in free rounds of golf or deeply discounted fees. Some great ways to use the overseeding season include: 

  • Practice – This is a great time to work on your golf game. When overseeding golf course properties, staff may choose to close them. Although many golf courses may be closed during this time, driving ranges will still be available. This is a great time to grab a bucket of balls and spend time at a driving range and practice your swing skills. Lessons will also be available during this time. 
  • New course – Some courses will still be open during the overseeding season. Your favorite course may not be available but there are plenty of premium courses in the Scottdale area to choose from. Many of these courses stay open later to allow golfers to get in a few more rounds. It’s always thrilling to golf a new course so use this time to explore and experience something new!
  • New equipment – If you’re like most golf lovers, your always thinking or talking about getting new golf clubs or equipment. When your favorite golf course is closed and no other course will do, using this time to search for new golf equipment is a great use of your downtime. Getting a fitting for new clubs in preparation for the new season will bring your golf game to a whole new level! 

Unlimited Stay and Play Golf Packages 

No other resort or hotel in Arizona offers the value we do at Meridian CondoResorts. That’s why our guests continue to come back year after year! We’ve been perfecting golfing vacation experiences with exceptional hospitality for over 25 years and continue throughout golf course overseeding season. With access to the best golf courses Arizona has to offer, our attentive customer service and luxurious accommodations are second to none. When you add unlimited stay and play golf packages during golf course overseeding, here’s what you’ll get: 

  • Unlimited free golf – Specific golf courses allow our golfers to pay for one round of golf and return to the greens for a free second and third round if available! Going back for more golf with no additional charge on stunning landscapes is the equivalent of a golfer’s paradise. 
  • Group discounts – We love to accommodate groups and offer special group discounts when you bring your entourage. We provide special group golf package rates during the offseason that are often under $100. When four people stay in a two-bedroom condo or six people stay in a three-bedroom condo, it can feel like you’re getting free unlimited golf. The rates are so low during golf course overseeding. 
  • Premium golf course access – You’ll gain access to some of the country’s most famous and beautiful golf courses, including TPC Stadium, Troon North, Las Sendas, and SunRidge Canyon to name a few. When you stay with us, you can take advantage of free golf on award-winning and scenic courses you may have seen on TV. 
  • Luxury accommodations – Our luxury condos begin at 900 square feet for a one-bedroom. You’ll have your own washer and dryer in the unit with a full-sized kitchen, living room, and dining room. This home away from home comes with pots, pans, cooking utensils, a full-sized refrigerator, wine glasses, Tupperware, and more. Whether you’re staying with us for work on our corporate packages or a long vacation, you’ll have everything you need in your unit. 
  • Premium amenities You won’t have to leave the property to experience premium amenities like state-of-the-art fitness centers, heated swimming pools, whirlpool spas, BBQ pits, or a clubhouse for private events. Our proximity to shopping, dining, and sports events is one of our best advantages when you’re ready to explore the city. Stay with us for Spring Training or catch a Phoenix Suns game! 
  • 24-hour concierge – Our seasoned and knowledgeable staff is waiting for you! We provide 24-hour concierge services with access to discounted rental cars, courtesy grocery shopping, dinner reservations, golf course booking, and so much more. 

Two Senior Golf Players Walking Together in the Golf Course With Their Golf Bags

Why Overseed Season is Great for You

What is overseeding season without discounted golf fees? Don’t let golf course overseeding stop you from enjoying some of the best golf courses in the country. Our 24-hour concierge service and knowledgeable golf professionals can direct you to which courses are not only open but are beautifully landscaped for your enjoyment. We are happy to guide you through which scenic courses are the best for your skill level and proximity. 

We are able to pay close attention to the golf course overseeding scheduling and conditions because we are in constant communication with all of the local golf courses. We recommend to visit us between mid-September and mid-October to take advantage of the plethora of value offered this season. Our staff is available at any time to help you customize your trip to get the most out of this time period during your stay. The overseeding schedule is also available on our website. 

Book your room and contact us today for additional information on golfing discounts!